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​​​​Concrete Statuary and Garden Accessories in Houston, TX


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Concrete Statuary and Garden Accessories

Custom Color Pricing

We ensure that only the highest quality concrete is used.​ Our products can be customized through a variety of techniques and finishes to appeal to everyone's individual taste and style. 

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 Concrete Statuary and Garden Accessories in Houston, TX. 


1822 Tidwell Rd, Houston, TX. 77093, USA

Americas Garden Art

Most statues available in a variety of custom colors, detailed paint, custom stains, metallic finishes and antique looks. Costs vary from 40% to 50% above the original price for color customization.

  • Custom stain additional cost is 40% markup from marked price.
  • Custom detailed paint additional is 50% markup from marked price.
  • Custom color additional cost is 45% markup from marked price (i.e. Original Price $60.00 x 50% = $30.00 Markup Price for customization $90.00= $30.00 + $60.00)

If we are out of stock of any item, orders can be placed at no additional cost.
We are also able to make repairs on chipped and/or broken pieces concrete statuary. For more information please contact me.

We accept the following: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Cash.

Prices and quantities subject to change. We also have layaways plans available.